Why Totally Off the Wall !!

Why Totally Off the Wall !!

Why, Totally Off The Wall !! ?  Often-times I am praised for the ‘clever’ or ‘evocative’ name of my business.  I usually smile demurely and modestly say ‘thank you’ with true meaning and sincerity.

But, really –– WHY is the business named Totally Off The Wall !! ?

Wallpaper removal (to the average person) is a seemingly ‘no-brain’ activity.  I mean, on the face of it, I can certainly understand that perception.  In fact, I had that very same belief when I started my business.  Well,– I did have 27 years as a wallpaper hanger under my belt when I started my wallpaper removal business… but I soon learned that I had a LOT to learn about wallpaper removal.

To this day, after 5 years of full-time wallpaper removal, I am still constantly challenged and actually ‘amazed’ by some feature of my job.

I’d like to share with you a just a brief ‘glimmer’ of what a wallpaper removal /wallpaper border removal job looks like from my professional perspective through my blog posts. Take a look.

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