Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Shocking Facts about wallpaper removal.

Did you know that the #1 rusk in wallpaper removal is electrical fire??

This is probably the most important prep work you can do!  When working with water around electricity you can’t be too cautious. If you are able to turn off the power to the room you are working in, that would be best.

Making sure all outlets and light switches are prepped and covered with tape correctly. Also outlets where water may run that may not be in your removal area.

If you have to remove a light fixture. Make sure the wires are covered and secure.

Be extremely careful with your metal tools. Even the edge of the outlet box can carry a current.

When washing around the outlets be careful your sponge does not make contact with the outlet. A wet sponge can and will carry a current.

Being overly cautious when it comes to electrical safety and wallpaper removal is impossible!
Better safe than sorry…….

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